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General Games Discussion

Matt Quinn

Bowling is a winter sport (as per National Games), this will not be moved back to summer. Conversation around hosting a Maritime/Atlantic competition with other provinces to provide appropriate competition opportunities. Division between folks who would want this and others who believe this would further isolate bowling athletes.

10 athletes will be selected for 5 pin bowling Nationals, must bowl 25 min games for avg. This will be difficult for most regions to be able to access the proper facilities. Discussion around should we be sending athletes to Nationals who aren’t able to properly train for this sport. It provides the opportunity for athletes to experience a Nationals game, but puts additional stress on regions who will have to commit to travelling for practice.

Suggestion that provincial games be candle pin and open to everyone (recreational and competitive). To be considered for Nationals must be committed to training in 5 pin and possibly have secondary competition for qualifying (must have committed to training in 5 pin prior to the qualifying bowling tournament).

Other suggestion to have provincials be 5 pin and another candlepin provincial tournament for everyone else. 

Stand alone provincial competitions may be option in future rather than adding them to provincial games as sports continue to grow or become difficult to add in to existing games (bowling, curling, powerlifting cited as examples).

Possible to try a different model to try for a year or so and re-evaluate after.

No consensus reached.

Winter Games have been at Aldershot last 3 years because of proximity to venues, services provided and affordability.  Approximately 650 spaces for accommodations needed for these past games.

Preparation needed for proper expectations needed on everyone’s part to ensure understanding before the games of what to expect and plan for.