Special Olympics Cobequid

2019 SONS Winter Games Recap

Matt Quinn

Not the best experience, some lack of preparation and becoming too comfortable. Matt says he takes responsibility for this. Moving forward there will be more preparation and organized to ensure games are delivered in the way that they should be and have been in the past.


Bowling-  Matt went to Greenwood to look at accommodations prior to games and was given a tour. During the weekend of the games the accommodations provided were not the same as what was shown. Those in attendance said they didn’t always feel part of the games.

Cross country skiing didn’t occur – supposed to be part of Ski NS Provincial championships but those got cancelled.

Curling – went well, but coaching preparation and divisioning could have been improved

Floor hockey – intro’d new boards in one venue, feedback that the school was not a great venue

Figure/Speed skating – seemed to go well. Good relationship with the 2 sporting organizations

Snow Shoeing – Anticipated snow in the weather forecast, previous rain resulted in icy conditions. Thank you to coaches and volunteers who came together to support the running of this event.

Transportation: Busses were provided to transport between venues, specifically for athletes staying in Greenwood or between venues. Some drivers did not know the area and got lost.

Accommodations: Aldershot was about as expected for most who had been there before. The accommodations in Greenwood were not what was shown or expected, should have been a renovated mobile trailer with bunk beds. Greenwood had no hot water or heat in some of the trailers.

Meals: Heard a lot of feedback around this issue. Special diets specifically are a thing and need to be better accommodated in the future. Will do a better job in the future of working with regions and ensuring these can be met as they have done better in the future.

Ceremonies: Heard varying comments such as ceremony was too short, difficult to fit everyone in, torch run was short

Dance: As always, lots of thoughts about lights being on/off and type of music played

Healthy Athletes: Could provide more info to coaches about where they are and how to access for future games.

Use assessment as tool, not in place of divisioning. This will help to improve competition and experience for athletes and coaches in the future.

“It just wasn’t good enough. We’re going to make things a lot better for you moving forward starting with upcoming games this summer. Ample communication, ample volunteers and to make your experiences better. This wasn’t one of our best moments. We’ll do better to ensure we deliver games that we know we can deliver.”