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Floor Hockey

The sport of Floor Hockey is somewhat unique to Special Olympics, and has a strong and colorful history within the organization. Special Olympics Canada is the National Sport Governing body for Floor Hockey, since there is no generic counterpart existing. Floor Hockey may be described as a form of Ringette played on the floor instead of an ice surface, or a form of ball hockey where the ball and traditional hockey sticks are replaced by sticks with no blades and a circular felt disk reinforced with leather, referred to as the “ring”.

No matter how you describe it, Special Olympics Floor Hockey is a fast paced, high intensity, exciting brand of sport, which is played by many ability levels and enjoyed by all. Check out all the rules and you will quickly see the key word is “Hockey”. While National Winter Games host the sport of Floor Hockey once every four years, there are many Provincial and Regional opportunities for athletes to compete each season.

Official rules for Floor Hockey